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Liability Insurance


An important goal of the CAS is to provide for an appropriate level of quality of service rendered by its members. We have therefore decided to contribute to improving the situation with that regard.

At the initiative of our members a project was started over ten years ago aimed at enabling the members to verify their knowledge before an expert panel and to obtain a certificate of their knowledge. The result was the training programme for managing accounting companies based on which the members were able to take an exam to verify their qualifications. The exam was together with other prescribed conditions a prerequisite for entry in the Catalogue of accounting service providers with a certificate proving qualification to manage an accounting service provider. Special rules for entry in the catalogue were prepared at the very beginning.

The image and name of the catalogue have been changing in time and the conditions for entry were refined.

Today the catalogue includes all accounting service providers meeting the conditions prescribed in the Rules on the Catalogue of accounting service providers. The conditions to be met by an accounting service provider for entry in the catalogue:
• Registration for the accounting and bookkeeping activity (K 69 20 under the standard classification of activities)
• Membership in the Chamber of Accountant Services
• Compliance with the Code of the members of the CAS
• The Provider must employ at least one person that meets the following requirements:
- completed examination under the CAS programme for becoming Professional Manager of the accounting firm, or
- certificate of the CCIS on completion of Programme for Accounting Firm Management Training, or
- professional title of Certified Accountant or Accountant, obtained at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, or
- professional title of Auditor or Certified Auditor, obtained at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, or
- professional title of Internal Auditor, obtained at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, or
completed examination in accordance with the ACCA programme, or
- with The CIPFA International Diploma in Public Sector Acounting from The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)
• Concluded professional liability insurance in line with the agreed terms & conditions regarding the insurance sum and insurance cover between the CAS and insurance companies
• Appropriate functional training of the employees
• Other conditions prescribed by the Rules

All the CAS members can be found in the Register of members of the CAS.
Information about catalogue is provided by Aleksandra Ivanuša by email .
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